How to improve your mood? Really?!

Since I don’t have a job it is very difficult for me to stay positive. To be honest I have days when sleeping brings more satisfaction than waking up and being active.
If I open my laptop and search on google how to stay positive or how to boost my mood, I always get titles like “ 10 simple ways to improve your mood’’, ‘’7 ways to improve your mood in less the 5 minutes ‘’ and so on. Titles that are misleading me. There is no 10 way or just 5 or 7 ways of improving someone’s mood or even life. Everyday life is like a Jumanji board game, and our battery sometimes die. We need to recharge them.
I believe that the first step is asking ourselves “Am I every day in a negative, bad mood, or is it just today? ‘’ If it’s every day then there are chances that you are depressed and maybe it’s time to talk to someone about it, but if it’s just sometimes guess what? It is ok! We all have bad moods, we can’t expect to be happy all the time. We need to embrace every single type of mood our body is feeling, accept it, but also accept that tomorrow you'll be better.

I am kind of tired of reading all of these articles about taking a long bath, reading, watching tv. We are doing all of those things already. Accept the fact that we are humans. Humans who have emotions, who love, who hate, who envy, who care and so on… Your mood depends on your day, and on the people who surround you, and guess what? If you want to avoid a bad mood the answer could be - to meditate as much as you can- !!!

Meditation is teaching us how to free our minds and how to be able to distinguish between thinking and feeling. I found myself improving my mood after I meditate, I wouldn't say that I am always happy after meditation.


But I am more productive and I am more self-confident!

Nobody can actually promise a better mood in 20 simple steps, but you are the only one who knows exactly what makes you feel better, so if you still feel down after that, it is your choice, like everything in this world.

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